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Do yourself a favour and watch Reign

In which Mary, Queen of Scots, battles for her country or something, but no one cares about that.

Catherine!Collapse )


"The Best Show on Network Television"

In which a five-year-old show consistently lives up to the hype.

Procedural: Enhanced.Collapse )


2013: My Year in TV (UK)

In which I settle down with tea and crumpets to see what the Brits have been up to this year.

Apart from being terrible at cricket, that is ...Collapse )


2013: My Year in TV (US)

In which I reminisce fondly (and not-so-fondly) about what my shows did this year.

The American stuff I watched this year ...Collapse )


The Desolation of Smaug

In which the excessive indulgence of Peter Jackson fails to stop me enjoying three hours in Middle-earth.

Skirmishes, padding, and, wonder of wonders, character development!Collapse )


WA Senate shenanigans

In which I make another short political post.

Palmer, the AEC, and history in the making ...Collapse )


Atlantis: Stealth Spin-off?

In which I show all the self-restraint of Merlin in a neckerchief shop and commit myself to another however many years of being taken for granted by a bunch of talentless hacks.

Back to the future ...Collapse )


Every cloud ...

In which I say little that will make any sense for those not interested in Australian politics.

A fool's hope?Collapse )


Most Likely to Succeed ... Overseas

In which I pitch an idea for the series I think actually deserves an overseas remake.

Bring me your cakes, your souffles, your huddled mousses ...Collapse )


An Antidote to Merlinitis

In which a fairly crappy CW superhero show offers comfort for the bitter Merlinian.

Read more ...Collapse )